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Powerful Parallel Development

Branching and merging is complex, lacks transparency and creates an administrative headache. So goes the popular opinion about parallel development in legacy solutions. But what if you could easily manage your maintenance and development in parallel? Or if you could isolate work on features to gain flexibility?

Automated Parallel Development

Development managers can now manage maintenance and development with less administrative overhead thanks to PureCM Professional. PureCM automatically isolates versions and notifies version owners of pending changes based on automatically created merge rules, i.e. a bugfix made to 2010-1 pending in 2010-2. Isn't it about time to stop worrying about changes not applied to all target releases?

Fully Customisable Merge Rules

PureCM creates merge rules as a default from parent to child versions for automatic notification to the respective owner(s). However, administrators can fully customise merge rules by adding additional rules or even setting merge rules to 'auto'. This will automatically merge changes and notify the version owner only in case of a conflict, which he can then solve in an intuitive visual tool.

Feature Branching Without Overhead

With shorter release cycles comes the requirement to keep the development code line as release ready as possible. PureCM Professional facilitates the use of isolated features to achieve just that. PureCM features can be directly used as a work item or to group a number of related tasks. Get a seamless workflow from scheduling a feature to its completion and integration.

Clean Up After Completion

Hide versions and features that you completed or stopped maintaining. Being able to hide or show completed versions and features keeps your user interface clean, removing any merge rules that might have pointed to these objects. Hiding doesn't mean deleting, so you can still access their history or retrieve an old release as needed.

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