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PureCM Integrations and Tools

PureCM integrates with third-party tools throughout the application lifecycle to enhance ease of use, transparency and productivity for customers. Check below to see if you can find your favourite tool to integrate with. If it's not there, please let us know!

Want to integrate your own application or get custom automation?

Both PureCM Standard and Professional include powerful and easy to use .NET and Java SDKs to facilitate just that.

  1. Supported PureCM integration
  2. Integration through SCC Interface (included in PureCM client)
  3. Reported to work through SCC Interface, but not supported by PureCM
  4. Included in third-party tool and supported by tool vendor.
ColdFusion 3
Delphi, via SourceConnexion 3
Eclipse 1
Visual Studio 6 / 2003 2
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PureCM Tasks NEW
OnTime 1
Gemini (open source)  
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CruiseControl.NET 1
FinalBuilder 4
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Windows Explorer 1
CaseComplete 4
XML Spy & UModel 4
FTP deployment service 1
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Integrated Development Environments (IDE)

PureCM supports integration into various IDEs, which allow developers to work day-to-day within their favourite environment. The PureCM client installer includes support for Microsoft's SCC Integration. Any third-party tool supporting the MSSCCI can integrate with PureCM. And we fully include the below mentioned custom IDE integrations in PureCM's standard licence at no extra cost.


eclipsePureCM provides Eclipse users with a plugin so you can perform daily tasks without leaving Eclipse. To get going, simply download the plugin file, add it to Eclipse and share your project. You can check out files, view history and even create local revisions in your private workspace to checkpoint and roll back your changes. Once completed, changes are submitted to the PureCM server, which makes them public for all developers.

Download plugin >>

Visual Studio

eclipse As a developer, you can use PureCM's SCC integration to work with VS 6, 2003 and all newer versions. This allows you to perform all basic commands such as checkout, checkin and view file differences or history. File changes are automatically grouped into changesets to support task-based development. For Visual Studio 2005 and newer, PureCM offers a new custom integration that allows users to benefit from PureCM's advanced features.

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PureCM Task Tracking (Professional edition only)

PureCM Professional includes its own fully integrated release planning and task tracking. This gives you project planning, task tracking, workflow management and reporting.

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Integrations with 3rd party issue tracking tools

Bi-directional Synchronisation with OnTime

Enhance PureCM's issue management with out-of-the-box support for a helpdesk with web frontend. There's replication and automatic synchronisation of defects, enhancements and incidents with PureCM issues thanks to PureCM's OnTime Bridge. This means each user can work in their most familiar environment, without the need to switch between applications.

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Download plugin >>

Open Source plugin for Gemini

Simply add a reference to your PureCM submit dialogue to link changesets to Gemini issues. This is a very simple yet effective implementation available as open source, so you can customise it to your needs or use it for other issue tracking tools.

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Build Management

Integration with build management allows PureCM customers to simplify build automation and continuous integration. This will allow build tools to listen for new changes so they can kick off a build and optionally create a build stream in PureCM to preserve a snapshot of the build configuration.

CruiseControl.NET. Learn more
Download CruiseControl.NET plugin
FinalBuilder Learn more

Various integrations

Windows Explorer plugin

PureCM's Windows Explorer plugin allows you to perform most day-to-day operations using Explorer. This is great for members of a development team who often switch between applications or do not primarily work with an IDE that integrates with PureCM. The Windows Explorer plugin is part of the PureCM client installer, so there's no need to download it separately.

Use Case Modelling and XML development

Manage your use cases in PureCM and get full version control. Users simply work within their third-party tool and access most day-to-day version control operations within their familiar environment. So there's no need to switch between applications. Currently supported integrations include:

Altova XML Spy, Umodel and Mission Kits
Serlio CaseComplete

FTP Deployment Service

Instead of installing a PureCM client on the target server to 'pull' changes, with the FTP deployment service, you can 'push' changes to one or more target locations. It's a Windows service that runs on any machine that can connect to the PureCM Server. The deployment service listens to any changes submitted to a specific project and automatically updates the relevant files to the FTP site. This helps automate deployment, e.g. once changes have been promoted to a deployment stream - while cutting down on network traffic.

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