Integrated Changes View

Integrated Changes

Open the 'Integrated Changes' view with the Eclipse menu 'Window | Show View | Other... | PureCM Views | Integrated Changes View'. Select the project from the drop-down.

Figure 18.14. Integrated Changes View

Integrated Changes View

The 'Integrated Changes' view shows all changesets which have been integrated in the project workspace (i.e. submitted to the server and then updated into the workspace). If a changeset has been submitted to the server but the workspace has not been updated then it will not appear in the list.

You can view the items within a changeset by double-clicking the changeset or right-clicking and selecting 'View'. This will display all the items belonging to the changeset.

Figure 18.15. Changeset View

Changeset View

To refresh the list of changesets you must right-click the view and select 'Refresh'.