Multi-Path Workspaces

By default, a workspace will contain all the file in the selected stream. There are occassions where you only want the workspace to include some of the stream folders. The multi-path options allows you to specify which stream folders map to where on the local file system.

Press the 'Multi-Path...' button to launch the Workspace Folder Mappings dialog.

Figure 15.2. Workspace Folder Mappings

Workspace Folder Mappings

Initially the root of the stream ('\') will be mapped to the path specified in the New Workspace dialog. So the entire stream contents will downloaded to this path.

Use the 'Add' button to create a new mapping. Here you can select the stream folder you want to map from, and the folder in the local file system which you want to map to.

Select one or more mapping and select the Delete button to remove them. Select a mapping and select the Edit button to change the stream folder or local file system folder.


If you want your workspace to contain a single folder within the stream then simply select this stream folder in the New Workspace dialog.