Chapter 14. Client Options

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Adding Files
Fetch Counts
File Preferences
File Colours



To modify the Client Options select the 'Tools | Options' menu.

Figure 14.1. Options - General

Options - General

Table 14.1. General Options

Display deleted workspaces files and folders If this is set then files and folders which have previously been deleted will appear in the workspace with the deleted icon. This is necessary if you want to 'reinstate' the deleted file/folder.
Display changes count in workspace If this is set then each workspace will show the number of files being changed. This can be convenient to see the status of each workspace but can be time consuming if you have many workspaces.
Refresh GUI when Activated When this is set the GUI is refreshed whenever it is activated. This will keep the information up-to-date but can freeze the GUI on activate depending on what is being displayed.
Default Workspace Location When creating a new workspace PureCM will provide a default location based on the stream name. You can specify what the root of the default should be. So if you select 'c:\build', then the default location for the stream 'Development/Main' will be 'C:\build\Development\Main'. For advanced useage, the following placeholders can be used : $h - home directory. $r - repository name. $f - stream folders. $n - stream name. You can change this location when creating the workspace.
Workspace Database Location You can specify the location of the connection database and any workspace databases. After changing this value you will need to restart any clients before the changes take effect.