Include/Exclude Filters

Check Consistency

By default the Check Consistency Wizard will add all files which exist in the workspace but are not controlled. It is a common situation where you always have files which you do not want to add (e.g. compiled object files). You can specify filters on which files to include and which files to exclude.

On the Welcome Page the 'Specify which files to include/exclude for adding' button will appear if 'New Files' is checked. Pressing this will launch the 'Include/Exclude Filters' dialog.

Figure 11.2. Consistency Check Wizard - New Files

Consistency Check Wizard - New Files

To add a new filter press the 'Add' button. This will allow you to add a filter for a file extension (e.g. 'cpp' to include all cpp files) or add a filter for a folder (e.g. 'src' to include all files contained within a 'src' directory). Finally you can add a more complex regular expression manually.

If you select a filter you can update it with the 'Update' button.

If you select one or more filters you can delete them with the 'Delete' button.

The 'Save Filters' will save all current filters under a specified name. 'Load Filters' will then replace all existsing filters with the filters saved with the selected name.