Chapter 4. Adding & Editing Files

Table of Contents

Editing Files
Adding Files
Reverting Files
Moving/Renaming Files and Folders
Deleting or Renaming Files
Changing the File Type of a File
File Locking

Editing Files

Checked Out File

To make a change to a 'checked-in' file, you must first check it out. Right-click the file and select 'Checkout' from the context menu.

The icon representing this file changes to indicate it is checked out and the file can now be edited. To use PureCM's own editor with the selected file either double-click the file or right-click and select 'Open' from the context menu.


Please refer to the section called “File Preferences” to see how to configure alternative editors based on file type.

Right-click the file and select 'All Tasks | Create Local Revision' from the context menu to store the file contents as a local revision. You may create many local revisions before submitting the change, allowing you to checkpoint a file's contents so you can revert back to any previous local revision. When the change is submitted only one revision will be created on the server, so other people will not see your intermediary checkpoints.