Creating a User


To create a new user, right click on Users and select 'New' from the menu.

Figure 7.4. User Wizard - Details

User Wizard - Details

Enter a name for the user. An email address and a description - usually the full name - can also be specified.

The 'Locked' checkbox is used to disable a user. If a user is locked then they cannot connect to the server.

Press <Next> to continue.

Figure 7.5. User Wizard - Authentication

User Wizard - Authentication

Select the authentication requirements for the new user and enter the appropriate details. You will notice that you can specify multiple authetications for a single user. So for example you could enable 'Windows Domain Authentication' for when you are logged on within the domain, and also enable 'Password Authentication' for when you are not. Press <Next> to continue.


When using 'Domain Authentication' a user will automatically be created if the 'Auto-Enroll Windows Domain Users' policy is enabled (the default). If you want to use an existing user then you must change the user name to be 'domain/user'.

Figure 7.6. User Wizard - Groups

User Wizard - Groups

If the groups are already created, place a tick in the box next to each group to which the user should belong.


If the groups are not yet created, users can be assigned to groups during set up.

Press <Next> to continue.

Figure 7.7. User Wizard - Complete

User Wizard - Complete

Press <Finish> to create the new user. Repeat the above for all the users required.


See Chapter 8, Policy Administration for details of creating policysets for the new users or groups.