Merging Within a Workspace

If you have a big merge which is complex you might want to check the merge before submitting the changes. You might want to check your code compiles after merging the edits or check that the code still passes the unit/acceptance tests. You can do this with workspace merge.

Create a workspace for the destination stream if you do not already have one. The destination stream is the stream you are merging the changes into. Go to the workspace in the Workspace view and right-click the workspace in the tree and select 'Merge Changes'.

The will launch the Merge Wizard as described in the section called “Merging Changesets”.

Figure 5.18. Merge Wizard - Select Source Stream

Merge Wizard - Select Source Stream

Select the source stream and the changesets you want to merge. Press OK to complete the wizard.

If any of the files which you are merging have been changed in the destination stream then the Resolve Tool will be launched. The Resolve Tool is described in the User Guide 'File Conflicts' section. After you have resolved any conflicts press the 'Save' button to apply the changes to your workspace.

This will checkout/add/delete any files which are part of the merge. You can now check the files in your workspace and make any necessary changes. When you are happy with the merge you can submit the changeset like any other changeset. Submitting a changeset is described in the User Guide 'Workspace View' chapter.