Working With Views

After selecting an active repository you will see that multiple views are available in the GUI. The PureCM administrator will determine which views are available to you according to which policies are enabled.

Figure 1.6. PureCM Views

PureCM Views

Here is a list of the different views and the policy which need to be enabled/disabled to make this view avaialable for a user.

Table 1.1. View Availability

My TasksDescribed in the User GuideTask User Enabled
WorkspaceDescribed in the User GuideAlways Enabled
ProjectsChapter 2, ProjectsProject User Enabled
RepositoryChapter 4, StreamsProject User Disabled
MergingChapter 5, MergingEnable Merge Rule
ReportsChapter 14, ReportingEnable Reports
AdministrationAdministration tasksAny administration policy enabled