Register a Server

Conncted Server

After installing the PureCM Server and Client you will want to connect to the server as user 'admin'. Lauching the PureCM GUI for the first time will launch the Register Server Wizard. You can also select 'Register Server' from the file menu.

Figure 1.1. Register Admin Server Wizard - Details

Register Admin Server Wizard - Details

If the PureCM Server has been installed correctly on the domain it should appear in the list. Alternatively you can enter the 'Server Name', either the DNS name or the IP address, and 'Server Port'.

The 'Connect to server on startup' option should be unchecked if you do not want to connect to this server when the PureCM GUI is started.

The 'Keep trying to connect' option should be checked if you want to automatically keep trying to connect after the server has disconnected.

Press the <Next> button when completed.

Figure 1.2. Register Admin Server Wizard - Authentication Type

Register Admin Server Wizard - Authentication Type

The administrator uses password authentication. Select the 'Password Authentication' radio button and press the <Next> button.

Figure 1.3. Register Admin Server Wizard - Password Authentication

Register Admin Server Wizard - Password Authentication

The administrator user name is 'admin', the password was supplied when installing the PureCM Server (or blank on Linux/Mac servers). Enter the details on the page and press <Next> to continue.


If you have forgotten your admin password you can use the user 'LeadDeveloper1' and the password 'secret'. You can then change the password for user 'admin'.

Figure 1.4. Register Admin Server Wizard - Complete

Register Admin Server Wizard - Complete

To complete the Administrator Server registration, check that the details are correct on the final page and press <Finish>. The new connection will appear under the PureCM tree.