Chapter 18. Eclipse Integration

Table of Contents

Setting Up Eclipse to use PureCM
Adding Files
Checkout, Checkin and Revert
Viewing Project Changes
Submitting Changes
Updating the Workspace
Integrated Changes View
My Changes View
Log View



The PureCM Eclipse Plugin is built against Eclipse Europa version

To install the Eclipse plug-in you must first install the PureCM Client. This will install the 'Java SDK' and the 'Java Client' in 'C:\Program Files\PureCM\Client'. The Eclipse Plugin uses the Java Client to perform all PureCM operations.

Download the Eclipse Plug-In jar file which corresponds to the version of 'PureCM Client' installed. Copy this file into the Eclipse 'Plugins' directory (e.g. 'C:\Program Files\eclipse\plugins'). The Eclipse Plugin should now be installed. We recommend you initially run Eclipse with the --clean option to clear the cache. If the plugin is successfully installed then the Eclipse menu should include 'PureCM'.