File Merge Tool

Resolve Tool

When a conflicting file is selected the three versions of the file are displayed with the server version top left, the local version top right, and the new merged version below. Differences between the files are highlighted and colour coded, as standard with conflicts in orange and non-conflicting differences in blue.

Figure 8.2. Resolve Changeset

Resolve Changeset

By default the following colours are used in the bottom editor to show the status of lines. If you edit a line a small pencil will appear to the left of the line.


The Resolve Tool can be customised to your liking - please refer to Chapter 14, Client Options for further information.

Table 8.1. Default Line Colours

WhiteNot Changed The line was not changed either locally or by the server.
YellowServer Change You have accepted the server change.
PurpleLocal Change You have accepted the local change.
GreySame Server and Local Change The line has been changed on both the server and locally. The changes are identical.
RedConflicting Server and Local Change The line has been changed on both the server and locally. The changes are different. You will need to resolve this conflict before saving the Resolve Tool. You should double-click the server changes or local changes in the Diff Window above. This will replace the conflict line with either the server line (Yellow) or local line (Purple). You can then edit the line if necessary.

Show next conflict

Show previous conflict

Use the red arrow buttons on the toolbar to navigate between conflicts.

Show previous changes

Show next changes

The green arrow buttons are used, as in the Diff Tool, to navigate between non-conflicting file differences.

Select server change

Show local change

With a particular conflict or change highlighted (with a thin red border) select the yellow file button to use the change from the server version in the merged file. Select the purple file button to use the change from the local version in the merged file. If neither change is exactly right, select the closest one and type any necessary amendments directly into the merged file.

When all conflicts have been resolved press the <Save> button to confirm the merge. It is now possible to continue the integration process. Rather than using the 'Update to Latest' approach it is possible to right-click the 'Pending Changeset' node and select the 'Integrate' option from the context menu.


A situation may arise where one or more other developers have made a number of changes to the file and submitted them in a series of changesets. In this situation the Resolve Tool will prompt you to merge each individual changeset with your local file in sequential order, with the eldest changeset first.


The <Find> button can be used to search for specific text in the files. The two other find buttons on the toolbar can be used for repeat searches in either direction.

Increase font size

Decrease font size

The text size can be increased or decreased using the text size buttons. This is only for the current views of the files and any change will be lost when the Resolve Tool is closed.

Show line numbers

Line numbers can be turned on or off using the next toolbar button.


Viewing, font and colour preferences can be set using the <Options> button.