File Differences

Both files are on display, side by side, and the lines that have been altered are colour-coded to highlight the nature of the differences.


The Differences tool can be customised to your liking as described in the section called “Options”.

Figure 7.1. Differences Tool

Differences Tool

Differences between the files are highlighted and colour-coded, as standard with amendments in blue and additions / deletions in green.

Scrollbars enable vertical and horizontal navigation and the arrow keys can also be used to move the cursor.

Show previous changes

Show next changes

To jump directly to differences, use the up and down arrow buttons on the toolbar. A grayed-out arrow button indicates no further differences in that direction.


The 'Find' button is used to search for specific text in the files. The adjacent find buttons on the toolbar are used for repeat searches in either direction.


It is not possible to make any edits using the Differences tool.

Increase font size

Decrease font size

The text size can be increased or decreased using the text size buttons. This is only for the current views of the files and any change will be lost when the Differences tool is closed.

Show line numbers

Line numbers can be turned on or off using the toolbar button.