Working With Views

After selecting an active repository you will see that multiple views are available in the GUI. The PureCM administrator will determine which views are available to you according to which policies are enabled.

Figure 1.6. PureCM Views

PureCM Views


You may see more views depending on what policies have been enabled for your user.

As a developer you will mainly be working within the Workspaces view (and My Tasks view if tasks have been enabled). The Workspaces view allows you to create new workspaces or select an existing workspace to start work.

After you have selected a workspace, the workspace will appear as a view in the drop-down. You can select this workspace in the drop-down to quickly navigate to the workspace. Alternatively you can always navigate to the Workspaces view and select the workspace you want to work on.

Figure 1.7. Workspace Navigator

Workspace Navigator

If tasks have been enabled then you will see the My Tasks view. The My Tasks view will show all the tasks which have been assigned to you. From here you can start working on the task by creating a new workspace or using an existing workspace.