Getting a solution from PureCM

Visual Studio

To get a solution from PureCM, select the 'File | PureCM | Get Solution' menu or use the 'Get Solution' toolbar button.

This will launch the 'Solution Selection' wizard. You will first be asked to select a task or version. If you are using tasks then all the tasks assigned to you will be listed under 'My Tasks'. You just need to select the task you want to work on.

Figure 16.3. Select Task

Select Task

If you are not using tasks then go to the Projects tab and select the version, feature or release containing the solution.

Figure 16.4. Select Version, Feature or Release

Select Version, Feature or Release

The next page will ask you to select an existing workspace or create a new workspace. If you select a workspace which was based on a different version, feature or release then the workspace will be switched to the new version, feature or release. Press 'New Workspace' to create a new workspace. This will launch the New Workspace dialog allowing you select the path for the new workspace and give the workspace a display name. You can read about the New Workspace dialog advanced options in Chapter 15, Workspace Options.

Figure 16.5. New Workspace

New Workspace

After creating the new workspace it will appear in the list of available workspaces. Select the workspace you want to open and press 'Next'. The next page will ask you to select the solution you want to open.

Figure 16.6. Select Solution

Select Solution

Select the solution you want to open and press 'Finish'. This solution will now be opened in Visual Studio. You can see that the files are under source control because they appear with a padlock icon.