Chapter 5. Submitting Changes

Table of Contents

Submitting a Changeset to the Server
Changeset Dialog
Rolling Back a Submitted Changeset

Submitting a Changeset to the Server

Submitted Changeset

PureCM is changeset-based where individual file changes are grouped into a local changeset within the workspace. You then submit the local changeset with a description. The submit is transactional - if one of the file changes cannot be submitted then none of the file changes are submitted.

Please refer to the section called “Editing Files” to learn how to create a local changeset within your workspace.

To submit the local changeset simply right-click the local changeset and select the 'Submit' menu.

Figure 5.1. Submitting a Changeset

Submitting a Changeset

Alternatively you can use the Submit toolbar button in both the Workspaces and Workspace views.



A changeset cannot be submitted if one or more files to be submitted has a later revision on the server. For this reason, if other members of your team are likely to have made alterations to the same files it is advisable to run 'Update to Latest' before submitting a changeset. It is possible to automatically run 'Update to Latest' before submitting a changeset as described in the section called “Submit”.

This will launch the Changeset dialog so you can check your changes before you submit them to the server.