Chapter 3. Workspace View

Table of Contents

Local Changesets
Submitted Changesets
File Icons
Tracking Changes on Server
Synchronising a Workspace Back to a Previous Changeset
Switching a Workspace to another Stream


You can open a workspace by selecting it within the Workspaces view. Alternatively you can open it by selecting it within the workspace navigator control. When a workspace is opened it will launch the Workspace view.

Figure 3.1. Workspace Navigator

Workspace Navigator

Figure 3.2. Workspace View

Workspace View

The top left pane of the workspace view contains the folders within the workspace. Click on a folder to display its sub-folders and files in the right-hand pane.

The bottom left pane initially shows the workspace changesets. Expand 'Current Tasks' to reveal the tasks which you are working on in this workspace. If you are not using tasks then this will appear as 'Local Changesets'. Regardless of whether you are using tasks, you can create new local changesets as described in the section called “Local Changesets”.

Expand 'Submitted Changesets' to reveal all the changesets which have been submitted in the workspace stream. Changesets which have been submitted but have not been updated into the workspace will be shown with a warning icon. You can read about submitted changesets in the section called “Submitted Changesets”.

Selecting the 'Workspace | Show Server Files Tab' menu will open the Server Files tab. This shows the files as they exist on the server which can be useful.

Clicking on any tree item on the left will show the details of the item on the right. You can right-click an item on the left and select 'Open in New Tab' to show the details on the right in a new tab. You can drag the tabs on the right f you want to vertically or horizontally split them. You can right-click an item on the left and select 'Open in New Window' to show the details in a new floating window. You can also open a new window by right-clicking an existing tab header and selecting 'Float'.

Figure 3.3. Filter Bar

Filter Bar

The filter bar on the top right is used to filter the list displayed in the right pane. By default the list will only display items which contain the text within the filter bar. You can modify the filter parameters by clicking on the arrow. Finally you can press the red button to clear the filter.