Creating a Policyset


To create a new policyset, right click on Policy Admin and select 'New' from the menu.

Figure 8.1. Policyset Wizard - Select Repository

Policyset Wizard - Select Repository

Select whether the policyset is to apply to all repositories or to a specific repository, chosen from the drop down list. Press <Next> to continue.

Figure 8.2. Policyset Wizard - Select Stream

Policyset Wizard - Select Stream

If the policyset is set to apply only to a specific repository then you can select whether it should apply to all streams in the repository or only to a specific stream. Press <Next> to continue.

Figure 8.3. Policyset Wizard - Select User or Group

Policyset Wizard - Select User or Group

Use the radio buttons and drop down lists to select whether this policyset will apply to all users, a specific group or a specific user. Press <Next> to continue.

Figure 8.4. Policyset Wizard - Specify Name

Policyset Wizard - Specify Name

Enter a name for the policyset and a description. Press <Next> to continue.

Figure 8.5. Policyset Wizard - Complete

Policyset Wizard - Complete

Press <Finish> to create the policyset.

With the policyset created it will then need to be defined as described in the next section.