Tracking Developer Changes and Deleting File Locks

Figure 11.1. Local Changesets Folder

Local Changesets Folder

To track changes for developers the 'Track Changes on Server' policy must be enabled as described in the section called “Defining a Policyset”.

Users can view local changes if they have the 'View Local Changesets' policy enabled. The local changes folder will show all changesets within each workspace. Clicking on a local changeset node will display all files being added, edited or deleted within that changeset. The 'Lock Type' column shows whether the file is locked (Exclusive) or not (Normal).

Users can delete local changes if they have the 'Local Changesets Administration' policy enabled. If any of the files within the local changeset were locked (Exclusive) then the lock will be released.


Deleting a local changeset on the server does not actually delete the local changeset within the workspace. The next time the developer 'checks in' or 'checks out' a file the local changeset item will be recreated.