File Type Flags

The following flags can be enabled for each file type.

Keyword Expansion

If this is enabled then the following keywords will be expanded:

Table 10.1. Keywords

KeywordExpanded To
$Revision:$The revision of the file
$Date:$The date this revision was submitted
$ID:$A unique id for this file revision in this stream
$NoKeywords:$Any following keywords will not be expanded


If you specify a double colon then the space between the last colon and the $ will never be exceeded. For example '$Date:: $' will expand to '$date: 08/$' trimming off the remaining date.

Disable line ending translation

By default PureCM will convert the line endings to the platform the client is running on. So on Linux the file will contain Linux line endings (LF) and on Windows the file will contain Windows line endings (CRLF). If you check this option then the file will always have the same line endings as when it was submitted.

Always writable

If this is enabled then the workspace file will never become read-only. If this is disabled then all checked-in files will be read-only, unless otherwise specified when creating the workspace (see the Client Connection, Create the Workspace section of the PureCM User Guide.).

Automatically Lock when Checking Out

If this is enabled then the file is automatically locked when a user checks a file out and they are connected to the server. See Chapter 11, File Locking for a description of file locks. This is useful when concurrent development doesn't make sense for certain files, so the file is automatically locked preventing 2 users from checking the file out simultaneously. For example, you might disable this for 'text/c++' files where changes can be merged, but you might enable it for 'image/generic' files where changes cannot be merged.

Restore Modification Time

This is used to determine the modification times of the files when they are downloaded to the user as described in the Client Connection, Update to Latest section of the PureCM User Guide. If enabled, the modification time will match the date and time of when the file was last submitted. If not enabled, the modification time will be the date and time the file is created/updated on the local machine.

Force this File Type to be Used

On the 'General Page' you can specify which file extensions to use for this file type. So if a user adds a file in a workspace, PureCM will see if the file extension matches any file type extensions.

If this is unchecked, PureCM will read the file to determine the encoding of the file. If the file extension and encoding matches the file type then this file type is used.

If this is checked then the encoding is not checked. So the file will be added as this file type if the extension matches, regardless of what encoding the file is.

Disable Writing of Unicode Identifier

To recognise the encoding of files it can be necessary for the file to contains a BOM, which individual applications use to determine the encoding/endian. If this is not required then the flag should be enabled.