Task Operations


Assigning/Unassigning the Task

To assign tasks to a user or group right-click the tasks and select 'Assign'. This will launch the User/Group Selection dialog where you can choose the user or group who will own the tasks. After a task is assigned to a user or group it will appear in the My Tasks view which is explained in the User Guide.

If you quickly want to assign tasks to yourself you can right-click the tasks and select 'Assign to Me'.

To set the task owner back to 'None' right-click the tasks and select 'Administration | Unassign'.

Setting the Priority

To set the priority of tasks right-click them and select 'Set Priority'. This will launch the New Priority dialog.

Figure 3.6. New Priority

New Priority

Select the priority and press OK. '1' is the highest priority. '5' is the lowest priority.


The priority determines the ordering of the tasks as described in the section called “Projects View”.

Task States

You can change the state of tasks to 'Open', 'Completed', 'Closed' and 'Rejected' with the corresponding menu. Depending on the current state of the task this menu may appear in the 'Administration' menu.

Task Changesets

If the task has been submitted as part of a changeset then the task will have the 'Show Changeset' menu. Select this to launch the Changeset Dialog for this task.


If the task was submitted multiple times then the 'Show Changeset' menu will show the first changeset which the task was submitted with. To view the other changesets you can go to the task history as described in the section called “Task History”.

To associate a task with a changeset after the changeset has been submitted you can right-click the task and select 'Link To Changeset'. This will launch the Select Changesets dialog. Here you can select the stream and changeset which should be linked.