Release Note Reports

The Release Notes report shows what changesets have been submitted to one release but not another. So if a changeset is submitted in one release but then merged to another release it will not appear in the list (because the changeset is included in both releases). You can use this report to compare versions, releases or even features.

Figure 14.5. Release Notes Report

Release Notes Report


If you want to compare the file differences between 2 releases then you can do this in the Projects view by right-clicking on the release and selecting 'Administration | Compare With' as described in the section called “Comparing Streams”. If you want to generate a report with the file differences then you can use the 'pcm stream compare' command.

To create the Release Notes report go to the Reports view. Right-click 'Reports' or a report folder in the tree and select 'New | Report'. Select the template category 'General Report'. Select the template 'Changeset Release Notes' or 'Changeset Item Release Notes'.

Figure 14.6. Creating the Release Notes Report

Creating the Release Notes Report


The difference between the 'Changeset Release Notes' and 'Changeset Item Release Notes' is that with the 'Changeset Item Release Notes' report you can list the items within each changeset.

After giving the report a name and description you will be asked to select the releases you want to compare and what columns to display.

Figure 14.7. Release Notes Report Parameters

Release Notes Report Parameters

Press the '...' browse button to select the release you want to report on and the release you want to compare against.

Figure 14.8. Selecting the Releases to Compare

Selecting the Releases to Compare

By default the report will display the changeset id and the description when listing the report. You can add further columns by selecting 'Add...'.

Figure 14.9. Selecting Additional Columns

Selecting Additional Columns


If you selected the 'Changeset Item Release Notes' then you will also be able to select the changeset items as a column. This will list all the files which have changed in the changeset.

Press Next and Finish to create the report. You can then select it to view it in the GUI.