Adding a Shared Folder to a Project

Shared Folders

Now that a version has been created containing the shared files you can add it as a shared folder to another project. To add the shared folder to a project right-click the version you want to add the files to and select 'Administration | Manage Shared Folders'. Select 'Add Shared Folder' to launch the wizard.

You will first be asked to select the version containing the shared folder.

Figure 6.3. Select Shared Folder

Select Shared Folder


You can select a subfolder of the version by expanding it.

After clicking 'Next' you will be asked to select where you want to put the shared folder.

Figure 6.4. Select New Folder

Select New Folder

If you select an existing folder then the current files and folders will be overwritten with the shared files and folders. Alternatively, you can use the 'Create Folder' to create a new folder.

After clicking 'Finish' the shared folder will be added. If you select 'Show History' on the version you will see a new changeset adding the shared files. If you select 'Show Files' on the version you will see that the shared folder is represented with the jigsaw icon.


Another way of adding a shared folder is to select 'Show Files' on the version, find the folder you want to add the shared files and select 'Add Shared Folder'. This will launch the same wizard as above but will default to the correct version folder.

You can view the shared folders within a version by selecting 'Administration | Manage Shared Folders' on the version. This will give you a list of all the shared folders within the version - showing you which folder is shared and where it is linked too.

Figure 6.5. Manage Shared Folders

Manage Shared Folders