A release is a snapshot of a version at a particular point in time. For example, you submit changes to the version and when the version is stable and tested you create a release which goes out to your customers.

Creating a Release

To create a release right-click a version and select 'New Release'. This will launch the New Release dialog where you can specify a name and summary.

Figure 2.10. New Release

New Release

Viewing a Version's Releases

You can see a version's releases by selecting the version history. This will show you when the release was created so you can see which changes are part of the release and which changes were submitted after the release was created.

Figure 2.11. Show Releases

Show Releases

Releases Operations

Right-clicking a release and selecting the 'Show Files' menu will show the stream files as described in the section called “Viewing the Stream Files”.

You can create a workspace to build or deploy this release by right-clicking the release and selecting 'Select Workspace'.

You can compare the release files with another version, feature or release with the 'Administration | Compare With' menu. This will launch the Stream Comparer dialog showing which files have been added, deleted and changed. This is described in the section called “Comparing Streams”.