Figure 14.5. Options - SCC

Options - SCC

These options configure how PureCM integrates with SCC provider.

Table 14.4. SCC Options

Submit on Checkin SCC supports a single checkin command. By default PureCM will interpret the checkin command as a submit and will launch the Changeset Dialog to submit the selected files to the server. You can disable this so the checkin will create a local revision. If this is disabled then you will not be able to submit your changes using SCC.
Submit on Delete SCC supports a single delete command. By default PureCM will not launch the Changeset Dialog ready for a submit whenever you delete a file. This allows you to delete some files and checkout some more files. When you are ready to submit, simply run the checkin command. But if you only want to delete some files you will need to enable this option in order to submit within SCC.