Chapter 9. File History

Table of Contents

Comparing Revisions
Viewing the Changeset
Reverting Back to a Revision
Rolling Back a Revision


File History

The File History dialog allows you to view and compare all versions of a file. To launch the File History dialog right-click the file in the Workspace View and select 'Show History'.

Figure 9.1. File History Dialog

File History Dialog

Each revision is listed chronologically. If a revision has not yet been downloaded into the workspace (i.e. it has been submitted since the workspace was last updated) it will appear with the warning icon and with a red background.

The changeset column shows which changeset was submitted to create the revision. The user column shows which user submitted the changeset. The date column shows when the changeset was submitted. The path column shows the new path for the file if it has been renamed.

Selecting a revision will show the changeset description in the Description field.

The 'Show Parent Streams' option will show the file revisions for the parent streams. So if the workspace stream is based on another stream, then the revisions in this parent stream will appear below the stream revisions. This is useful to get the full history of a file.

The 'Show Child Streams' option will show all streams which were created from the workspace stream. The child streams will appear in blue to distinguish them from the file revisions. This is useful to see which revisions went into which release (because each release is a child stream).

Figure 9.2. File History Dialog - Showing Child Streams

File History Dialog - Showing Child Streams