Update to Latest

Update to Latest

PureCM supports private workspaces. Your workspace will not be effected by other people's changes until you are ready. This has the obvious advantage that you can test your changes in isolation, so you are not looking into other people's bugs.

To download all new changes simply press the 'Update to Latest' toolbar button in the Workspace or Workspaces view. The Workspaces view also supports an 'Update All' button to update all workspaces.

If multiple checkout is enabled (developers can edit the same file at the same time) then it is possible that someone has changed a file which you are working on. In this case the Resolve Tool will be launched to help you merge your changes with theirs. This is described in the section called “Resolving a Changeset”.


Please refer to Client Options, the section called “Update” to see the options that can be set when updating a workspace.

Before the workspace is updated, a list of the submitted changesets which will be integrated into the workspace is displayed.

Figure 1.14. Update Preview

Update Preview

You can double click a submitted changeset to launch the Changeset Dialog and see which files have been changed. If you are happy for the update to continue then press OK.