Register a Server

PureCM Server

The first requirement on the local (client) computer is a connection to the server. When launching the GUI for the first time the Register Server Wizard will launch automatically. Alternatively, from the File menu select 'Register Server'.

Figure 1.1. Register Server Wizard - Server Type Page

Register Server Wizard - Server Type Page

The personal server is designed for users who are working alone and want to get going as quickly as possible. If you select this you will not need to specify the server location or user. The shared server is more common where multiple users connect to the same centralized server. You should also use the shared server to evaluate PureCM because this will install the example data.

If you check the 'I am evaluating PureCM' checkbox then a connection will be made using password authentication for user 'LeadDeveloper1' with password 'secret'. This user is created when you install the PureCM server and is perfect for evaluating PureCM with all necessary features enabled.

Figure 1.2. Register Server Wizard - Server Details Page

Register Server Wizard - Server Details Page

Select or type the Server Hostname - either the DNS name or the IP address - and the Port. The 'Connect to server on startup' option should be checked if you wish to link to this server when the PureCM client is started. The 'Keep trying to connect' option should be checked if you want to keep trying to connect to the server after a connection has failed. Click on the <Next> button when completed.


The server component of PureCM must be installed and running, with this user configured if necessary, before a connection can be made. If PureCM has just been installed please refer to The PureCM Administrator Guide, Creating an Administrator Connection & Repository Administration, for advice on initial setup.

Figure 1.3. Register Server Wizard - Authentication Type Page

Register Server Wizard - Authentication Type Page

There are four different types of authentication that can be used. Select the one you require and check the box if SSL/TLS (secure socket layer / transport level security) is required. SSL/TLS is optional for Password Authentication and Windows Domain Authentication and mandatory for Certificate Authentication.

If Certificate Authentication is chosen then the certificate details page will be displayed, allowing you to choose a certificate.

Figure 1.4. Register Server Wizard - Select User

Register Server Wizard - Select User

If the Password Authentication or Unix Password Authentication is chosen a page will display for the username and password to be specified.

Figure 1.5. Register Server Wizard - Complete

Register Server Wizard - Complete

To complete the server registration press 'Finish'.