Chapter 15. Using Scripts

Table of Contents

About Scripts
Installing Python (Windows)
Python Server Triggers
Python Repository Triggers
PureCM Server Functions
PureCM Repository Functions

About Scripts


To enable Python scripting you will need to enable the 'Enable Python Scripting' policy in the default policyset. You will need to restart the server after enabling this policy.

If Python is not already installed on the server machine then you will need to install the Python programming language as described in the section called “Installing Python (Windows)”.

To amend the scripts you will need to enable the 'Script Administration' policy, as described in the section called “Defining a Policyset”. When this is enabled you will see the 'Scripts' node in the Administration view under the server and each repository. Select the 'Scripts' node to launch the editor allowing you to amend the scripts.


The Python website at has links to a whole host of tutorials and user groups.

PureCM has one script for the server and one for each repository. Once Python is installed these can be amended as described later in this chapter.