Merging from Versions to Features


When a change is submitted in a version it will automatically get merged into all the version features. Keeping all features up to date is important for continuous integration. When the feature is complete it will also be a lot easier to merge the changes back into the version if the feature is up to date.

If the version changeset has changed a file which has also been changed in the feature then this will create an update conflict.

Update Conflicts in the Projects View

If a feature has one or more update conflicts then its icon will show a red cross.

Figure 5.5. Feature with Update Conflicts

Feature with Update Conflicts

You can right-click the feature and select 'Show Pending Changes' to list the update conflicts. From here you can merge the changes as described below.

Update Conflicts in the My Tasks View

Update Conflicts appear in 'My Tasks' for the owner of the feature. Setting the owner of a feature is descibed in the section called “Features”. You can set the owner of a feature to be a group so all members of the group will see the update conflicts.

Figure 5.6. Update Conflicts

Update Conflicts

Click on 'Show' to open the changeset dialog for the change which was submitted in the version.

Click on 'Resolve' to open the resolve tool where you can resolve any conflicts. The Resolve Tool is described in detail in the User Guide 'File Conflicts' section. When you have resolved all conflicts press the 'Submit' button to merge the change into the feature.

Figure 5.7. Resolve Tool

Resolve Tool

If the version has more changes which need to be merged into the feature then PureCM will attempt to automatically merge these now. If the same files have changed then this may create another update conflict.

Now the feature is up to date you can update any feature workspaces to download the version changes.


If you go to the Merging view you will see the merge rule for the version->feature. Within the rule you will see the changes appear as 'Pending Changesets' and can perform the same operations as above. This is described in more detail in the section called “Merge Rules”.