Table of Contents

About Streams
Creating a Stream
Importing Files into a Stream
Viewing the Stream Files
Viewing the Stream History
Comparing Streams
Deleting a Stream
Moving or Renaming a Stream
Creating a Stream Folder
Stream Tab Views
Stream Permissions

About Streams


A stream (aka branch) is a ‘time machine’ for a collection of files and folders. The stream contains all revisions of every file and folder so you can go ‘back in time’ and get the files for every changeset that is submitted.

Every version, feature and release will have a corresponding stream to hold the necessary files and folders.


When you create a new version or feature the stream will not be created immediately. The stream will be created when development starts for this version/feature (when the first workspace is created). This is so you can create future versions/features to schedule your tasks. The release stream is created immediately. You can click on the version or feature and select 'Create Stream Now' to create the stream immediately.

You can always create new streams directly (without a version, feature or release) giving you complete flexibility. You can access the streams within the Administration view. If the Project User policy is disabled then the Repository view is also enabled allowing you to quickly view the streams.