Task Attachments

Task Attachments

You can associate one or more attachments to a task. Go to the attachments tab, right-click the list and select 'New' to attach a file.

Figure 3.8. Adding an Attachment

Adding an Attachment

The path is the local path of the file you want to upload. The name is the name of the attachment as it appears in the task attachments list. The file type specifies what encoding the file will be read as.

Figure 3.9. Attachment List

Attachment List

On pressing OK the file will be added to the list. You can right-click the attachment to open it in the PureCM editor for viewing, save the file to disk, or delete the attachment.

Select 'Properties' to change the name, upload a different file or change the file type. If you want to change the file then you can save the file to disk, make any changes and upload the new file using Properties.