Creating a Workspace (Get Files)

To get files from the PureCM server create a new folder where you want to put the files. Right-click the new folder and select 'PureCM | Get Files'. This will launch the New Workspace Dialog as described in the section called “Create the Workspace”.

Figure 17.3. New Workspace Dialog

New Workspace Dialog

Select the version, feature or release containing the files you want to get. If you do not want to get all the files for this version you can select a subfolder.

If you are working with tasks then you can select a task assigned to you. This will get all the files for the version or feature for which this task belongs.

After the workspace is created you will see that the new folder has the PureCM icon in Explorer. This indicates that this folder is a PureCM workspace.


Downloading the files can take a long time depending on the amount of data and the speed of the connection to the server.