Rolling Back a Submitted Changeset

Changeset Rollback

Sometimes you may want to rollback/revert a changeset. This might be useful if a change has been submitted which shouldn't have been or if you want to check whether a change introduced a bug.

To rollback a changeset select the 'Submitted Changesets' within a workspace. Right-click the changeset you want to rollback and select 'Rollback Changeset' from the context menu. This will create a change item for each item within the original changeset. The following change items will be created:

Table 5.1. Changeset Rollback Change Items

Original ItemRollback Item 
File AddFile Delete 
Folder AddFolder Delete 
File RenameFile Rename (back to original path) 
File EditFile Edit (reverse delta) 
File DeleteFile Add 
Folder DeleteFolder Add 

After the changeset has been rolled-back a pending changeset will be created in the Pending Changesets tree node within the workspace. Right-click the pending changeset in the tree and select 'integrate' to integrate the changeset rollback into the workspace. This will launch the Resolve Tool as described in the section called “Resolving a Changeset”.


You will need to resolve conflicts if the file has been edited since the original changeset was edited. For example if Change/1 edited line 1 and Change/2 edited line 10, rolling back Change/1 will reverse the edit to line 1 but will keep the edit to line 10. However, if Change/1 edited line 1 and Change/2 edited line1, rolling back Change/1 will result in a conflict which will have to be manually resolved within the resolve tool.

After the pending changeset has been integrated the change items will be created. These can then be submitted if you want to permanently rollback the changeset as described in the section called “Submitting a Changeset to the Server”.