Changeset Dialog

Submitted Changeset

The Changeset Dialog is launched by selecting the 'Properties' menu on a submitted changeset, current changeset, shelveset or review.

Figure 5.2. The Changeset Dialog

The Changeset Dialog

The Changeset dialog comprises of three sections:

You can choose which files you want to submit by checking/unchecking them in the list.


Before submitting a changeset you can choose to check consistency, to correct any file inconsistencies, using the button on the toolbar.


The <Save> button should be used where you have made changes, such as entering a description or selecting files to be included in the changeset, but do not want to submit the changeset yet.


The <Submit> button is used to submit your changes to the server.


The <Shelve> button is used to shelve your changes to the server. Shelving is used to save unfinished work on the server or to transfer unfinished work from one workspace to another. See Chapter 12, Shelving for more details.

Add Change Items

The <Add Items> button is used to move items from another local changeset into this current changeset. See the section called “Local Changesets” for more details.

Check Consistency

The <Check Consistency> button is used to check the consistency of the workspace. See Chapter 11, Check Consistency Wizard for more details.