Adding Files

Added file

New files and folders that have been created on the local computer, but are not part of source control, appear greyed-out in the workspace. These files can be edited, renamed, moved or deleted using PureCM.

Figure 4.1. Adding Files

Adding Files

To add files to the local workspace, highlight the files and select 'Add' from the context menu or from the toolbar. The file and folder adds will then be added to the default local changeset. The files will no longer appear as greyed-out within the workspace.

Alternatively you can use PureCM to find any new files that haven't yet been added to the workspace. Right-click a folder (or the workspace) node and select 'Add' from the context menu. The check consistency dialog will appear with a list of new files and folders based on the filters you provide. Help about using the consistency wizard to add new files can be found in the section called “New Files”.

Figure 4.2. Add New Files

Add New Files