Pending Features


After all the tasks within a feature have been completed the feature is ready to be reviewed. After reviewing the file changes submitted in the feature you can complete the feature which will submit the changes back into the version. If you do not think the changes are complete, you can create more tasks within the feature for additional work.

To view the feature within 'Pending Features' the feature must be assigned to you or a group you belong to.

Figure 2.4. Pending Features

Pending Features


You can assign the feature to a different user than the tasks within the feature. This is useful for reviews where you assign the feature to the reviewer and the tasks to the developers. After the developers have completed all the tasks, the feature will appear under 'Pending Features' for the reviewer. Here you can look at the changes and either complete the feature or create more tasks for additional work.

Select 'Open' to open or create a workspace for the feature. Select 'Show' to see the individual file changes submitted in the feature. Select 'Complete' to submit the feature changes back into the version and complete the feature. You will see the individual file changes before they are submitted back into the version.