Chapter 14. Reporting

Table of Contents

About Reports
Task Burndown Reports
Developer Status Reports
Release Note Reports
Submitted Changesets Reports
Creating a Report Folder
Customising a Report
Report Permissions

About Reports


The PureCM reporting function creates on-screen reports, printouts or documents showing usage of the software, allowing you to accurately monitor individuals or groups. All reports can be generated as HTML to view within the GUI or to save to a file. Most reports can be generated as CSV to be imported into a spreadsheet such as Excel.

To enable reporting you must enable the 'Professional Policies | General | Enable Reports' policy as described in Chapter 8, Policy Administration. You can only use reports if you have Professional license of PureCM.

PureCM provides these reports out of the box. You can modify these or create new reports as described in the section called “Customising a Report”.

To run a report at any time, right click the report and select one of the following:

  • 'Generate' will display the report on screen, from where it can be printed if required. Selecting the report will also display the report on screen.
  • 'Generate to File' will allow you to save the report in HTML or CSV format.
  • 'Generate XML to File' will save the generated XML to a file. See the section called “Customising a Report” for a description on how to manually edit the XSLT which will be applied to this XML for advanced customizations.