Version Reports

Version Reports

PureCM provides some version charts to keep track of your tasks in a version. To enable the charts you must have both the 'Task User' and 'Task Reports' policies enabled. These charts are real-time and will dynamically update as tasks are created or updated.

To get an overview of a version select the version in the Projects view. You will see 2 charts below the list of tasks and features.

On the left is the task status pie chart. This show the number of tasks and features in each state. The definition of each task state is described in the section called “Task Workflow”. The pie chart will include all tasks for the project (tasks in each version and tasks in the backlog).

Figure 2.19. Task Status Chart

Task Status Chart

On the right is the burndown chart. This shows the number of tasks in each state for each week - so you can see how the version is progressing.


The burdown chart will show a maximum of 12 bars. So if the version lasts longer than 12 weeks the interval between the time periods will increase so it fits into 12 bars.

Figure 2.20. Burndown Chart

Burndown Chart

You will see that the task states are broken down into 'Backlog' and 'New Work'. 'Backlog' refers to task which were created before the version was created. 'New Work' refers to tasks created after the version was created.


You can hover over each bar to show a tooltip giving the exact numer of tasks in each state.