PureCM User Guide

Table of Contents

1. Getting Started
Register a Server
Select a Repository
Working With Views
Create the Workspace
Update to Latest
2. My Tasks View
My Tasks
Pending Features
Pending Changes
Update Conflicts
3. Workspace View
Local Changesets
Submitted Changesets
File Icons
Tracking Changes on Server
Synchronising a Workspace Back to a Previous Changeset
Switching a Workspace to another Stream
4. Adding & Editing Files
Editing Files
Adding Files
Reverting Files
Moving/Renaming Files and Folders
Deleting or Renaming Files
Changing the File Type of a File
File Locking
5. Submitting Changes
Submitting a Changeset to the Server
Changeset Dialog
Rolling Back a Submitted Changeset
6. File Editor
7. File Differences Tool
8. File Conflicts
Resolving a Changeset
File Merge Tool
9. File History
Comparing Revisions
Viewing the Changeset
Reverting Back to a Revision
Rolling Back a Revision
10. File Annotated History
Annotated History Tool
Annotated History Tool Modes
11. Check Consistency Wizard
Include/Exclude Filters
New Files
Edited Files
Missing Files
Unchanged Files
Readonly Files
Writable Files
12. Shelving
Shelving Changes
Unshelving Changes
13. View Outstanding Changes
14. Client Options
Adding Files
Fetch Counts
File Preferences
File Colours
15. Workspace Options
Checked-in files are read-only
Store file revisions in the workspace database
Multiple users will use this workspace
Store workspace database in home directory
Line Endings
Multi-Path Workspaces
16. Visual Studio Client
Adding a solution to PureCM
Getting a solution from PureCM
Working with Files
Submitting your Changes
Updating your Workspace
Working with Tasks
Changeset View
Workspace Explorer View
Projects View
Log View
17. Explorer Client
Connecting to the Server
Creating a Workspace (Get Files)
Adding Files to PureCM
Editing Files
File Icons
Submitting Changes to the Server
Updating a Workspace
Checking the Workspace
Working in a Writable Workspace
Working with Tasks
18. Eclipse Client
Setting Up Eclipse to use PureCM
Adding Files
Checkout, Checkin and Revert
Viewing Project Changes
Submitting Changes
Updating the Workspace
Checking the Workspace
Working with Tasks
Integrated Changes View
My Changes View
Log View
19. Command Line Client
20. SCC Client
Setting Up Visual Studio to use PureCM
Creating a Project in PureCM
Checking Out Files
Submitting a Changeset
Updating the Workspace
Checking the Consistency of the Worspace

List of Figures

1.1. Register Server Wizard - Server Type Page
1.2. Register Server Wizard - Server Details Page
1.3. Register Server Wizard - Authentication Type Page
1.4. Register Server Wizard - Select User
1.5. Register Server Wizard - Complete
1.6. Repository Selection Dialog
1.7. PureCM Views
1.8. Workspace Navigator
1.9. Workspaces View (without workspaces)
1.10. New Workspace Dialog
1.11. Downloading Files
1.12. Workspace View
1.13. Workspaces View (with workspaces)
1.14. Update Preview
2.1. My Tasks
2.2. My Tasks
2.3. My Workspaces
2.4. Pending Features
2.5. Pending Changes
2.6. Resolve Changeset
2.7. My Tasks Options
3.1. Workspace Navigator
3.2. Workspace View
3.3. Filter Bar
3.4. Current Tasks
3.5. Select Tasks
3.6. Local Changeset Tasks
3.7. New Local Changeset
3.8. Add Change Items to Local Changeset
3.9. Submitted Changesets
3.10. File being edited by another developer
3.11. Synchronise Workspace Dialog
3.12. Select Changeset Dialog
3.13. Synchronised to Changeset Example/16
4.1. Adding Files
4.2. Add New Files
4.3. File Properties
5.1. Submitting a Changeset
5.2. The Changeset Dialog
6.1. PureCM Editor
7.1. Differences Tool
7.2. Differences Tool Options
7.3. Differences Tool Fonts
7.4. Differences Tool Find
8.1. Resolve Changeset
8.2. Resolve Changeset
9.1. File History Dialog
9.2. File History Dialog - Showing Child Streams
9.3. Differences Tool
9.4. The Changeset Dialog
9.5. Resolve Changeset
10.1. Annotation Dialog
10.2. Annotation Modes
11.1. Consistency Check Wizard - Welcome
11.2. Consistency Check Wizard - New Files
11.3. Consistency Check Wizard - New Files
11.4. Consistency Check Wizard - Edited Files
11.5. Consistency Check Wizard - Missing Files
11.6. Consistency Check Wizard - Unchanged Files
11.7. Consistency Check Wizard - Readonly Files
11.8. Consistency Check Wizard - Writable Files
11.9. Consistency Check Wizard - Complete
12.1. Shelve Changes Dialog
12.2. Unshelve Dialog
13.1. View Outstanding Changes
13.2. General Options Page
13.3. Fonts Options Page
14.1. Options - General
14.2. Options - Submit
14.3. Options - Update
14.4. Options - Add Files
14.5. Options - SCC
14.6. Options - Fetch Counts
14.7. Options - File Types
14.8. Options - File Type Settings
14.9. Options - File Editor
14.10. Options - File Diff Options
14.11. Options - File Diff Fonts
14.12. Options - File Merge Fonts
14.13. Options - File Colours
14.14. Options - Find
14.15. Options - Window
15.1. Workspace Creation Options
15.2. Workspace Folder Mappings
16.1. Select PureCM Version
16.2. Select Files
16.3. Select Task
16.4. Select Version, Feature or Release
16.5. New Workspace
16.6. Select Solution
17.1. Repository Selection Dialog
17.2. Register Server Wizard
17.3. New Workspace Dialog
17.4. Add To PureCM
17.5. Select Files
17.6. Differences Tool
17.7. File History Dialog
17.8. The Changeset Dialog
17.9. The Changeset Dialog
17.10. Update Preview
17.11. Resolve Tool
17.12. Consistency Check Wizard
17.13. Changeset Tasks
18.1. Sharing an Eclipse Project
18.2. Selecting the Plug-In
18.3. Selecting the Plug-In
18.4. Selecting the Workspace Details
18.5. Selecting the Workspace Details
18.6. Adding All Files
18.7. Adding A Single File
18.8. File Operations
18.9. View My Changes Menu
18.10. My Changes
18.11. Submit Menu
18.12. Changeset Dialog
18.13. Updating a Workspace
18.14. Check Consistency Wizard
18.15. Task Selection Dialog
18.16. Changeset Dialog Tasks
18.17. Integrated Changes View
18.18. Changeset View
18.19. My Changes View
18.20. Log View
18.21. PureCM Event
20.1. Setting PureCM as your Source Control Provider
20.2. Creating a Project in PureCM
20.3. Selecting the PureCM Stream
20.4. Checking Out a File
20.5. Checked Out File
20.6. Pending Checkins
20.7. Pending Checkins
20.8. The Changeset Dialog
20.9. Downloading Files
20.10. The Changeset Dialog
20.11. Consistency Check Wizard

List of Tables

3.1. File Icons
3.2. File Background Colours
3.3. Folder Icons
5.1. Changeset Rollback Change Items
8.1. Default Line Colours
13.1. General Page Options
14.1. General Options
14.2. Submit Options
14.3. Adding Files Options
14.4. SCC Options
14.5. Find Options
17.1. File Icons