Unshelving Changes


To unshelve changes into a workspace right click on Current Tasks or Local Changesets and select 'Get Shelved Changeset'.


If you are moving the location of a changeset, right click on the destination workspace node.

Figure 12.2. Unshelve Dialog

Unshelve Dialog

The 'Unshelve Changes' dialog will display all shelvesets for the selected stream. If you own the selected shelveset, or the shelveset has no owner then the 'Delete Shelveset After Unshelving' option will be checked. By right-clicking on a shelveset you can select 'Properties' to view the shelevset or save an individual file.

Select a shelveset by highlighting it (only one shelveset can be selected at a time). Use the checkbox if the shelveset should be deleted following unshelving.


Deleting the shelveset will also transfer ownership if it was created by another user.

Press <OK> to unshelve the changes. The resolve tool will then be launched to integrate the shelveset into the workspace.