Submitted Changesets Reports

The Submitted Changesets report shows what changesets have been submitted to a version, feature or release.

Figure 14.10. Submitted Changesets Report

Submitted Changesets Report

To create the Submitted Changesets report go to the Reports view. Right-click 'Reports' or a report folder in the tree and select 'New | Report'. Select the template category 'General Report'. Select the template 'Changeset', 'Changeset Items' or 'Changeset Items By User'.

Figure 14.11. Creating the Submitted Changesets Report

Creating the Submitted Changesets Report


The 'Changeset Items' template is the same as 'Changeset' but it allows you to select the change items as a column. The 'Changeset Items by User' template is the same as 'Changeset Items' but it categorizes the submits according to user. So it will give you a list of all the changesets submitted by Developer1, then all the changesets submitted by Developer2, etc.

After giving the report a name and description you will be asked to select what columns you want to display. You can add new columns by clicking 'Add...'.

Figure 14.12. Selecting Additional Columns

Selecting Additional Columns

If you selected the 'Changeset Items by User' template you can also specify which users or groups you want to include with the 'Select Users...' button.

Press Next and Finish to create the report. You can then select it to view it in the GUI.

Initially the report will include all changesets submitted against all streams. You can filter this so it only reports on changesets submitted in a specific stream by opening the properties of the report and selecting the stream in the 'Streams' page.

Figure 14.13. Filtering the Report on a Stream

Filtering the Report on a Stream