Merging Changesets


Typically you merge between a feature and its version, or from the parent version to the child version. There are times however where you want to merge a changeset outside of these merge rules. For example, you might want to merge a change from Version 2 back to Version 1. Or you might want to merge a changeset from one feature to another without merging it into the version. If this is something you want to do repeatedly then you should create a merge rule as described in the section called “Merge Rules”. Otherwise you can do a one off merge...

If you navigate to the version, feature or release you want to merge into and right-click you are given the 'Administration | Merge Changes Into' menu. Selecting this menu will launch the Merge Wizard.

Figure 5.12. Merge Wizard - Select Source Stream

Merge Wizard - Select Source Stream

You will first be asked to select the source stream (i.e. the version, feature or release in which the change has been submitted). After selecting the source stream you will be given a list of the changesets which have been submitted in the source stream but have not been merged into the destination stream.

Figure 5.13. Merge Wizard - Select Changesets

Merge Wizard - Select Changesets


PureCM will remember which changesets have already been merged, so they will not reappear in the list.

After selecting 'Finish' you will be asked if you want to automatically merge the changesets. PureCM will only automatically merge the changesets if the files have not been changed in the destination stream. Otherwise the Resolve Tool will be launched the same as if you selected 'No'. The Resolve Tool is described in the User Guide 'File Conflicts' section. When you have resolved all conflicts press the 'Submit' button to merge the change into the destination stream.

You can merge multiple changes. If you choose to automatically merge the changes then they will be merged as separate changesets. If you choose to manually merge the changes they will be combined into a single changeset which will appear in the Resolve Tool. It is generally recommended not to combine multiple changes in this way as it makes the merge more complex and more difficult to track.

Another way of merging a changeset is to go to the history of the source stream in the Administration or Repository view. Select the changesets you want to merge and right-click and select 'Merge Changes To'. This will launch a dialog asking for the destination stream. Pressing 'OK' will have the same effect as finishing the Merge Wizard.