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Managing shared folders

Embrace software reuse and 3rd party components

Software reuse and 3rd party components are powerful concepts to increase the efficiency of your software development. PureCM supports shared folders as a simple way of managing them. Shared folders allow a single copy of a library to be accessed by multiple products or projects within a repository.

Maximise visibility and reduce administrative overhead

Shared folders provide many administrative advantages when maintaining shared code libraries. They take up less space on the server, are very easy to set up, simple to upgrade as a whole, and provide superior administrative visibility. Changes to shared folders do not have to be merged across streams, as they get automatically applied to all linked locations.

The main features of PureCM's shared folder view

Permissions allow control over who has access to modify shared folders on streams as well as control over which folders can be shared.

  • A single view to see the folders that are shared and where they are linked to.
  • Locking a file in a shared folder automatically locks it across all linked locations
  • Update dialogue to manage multiple versions of a shared folder. Updating a shared folder to link to a new version is made with a simple mouse click.
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