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Manage Feature Branches

How do you keep your development code line release-ready without adding administrative overhead? For some time, developers and development managers have shied away from isolating features on their own branch due to difficulties with branching and merging. With PureCM Professional, taking advantage of isolated features is easier than ever before.

Automatically Isolate Features

When starting work on a feature (or one of the tasks it contains), PureCM Professional automatically creates a feature stream and maps the developer workspace against it. Thus, a developer doesn't need to care about creating a branch and getting the files; he's immediately ready to go. All that is required is scheduling the feature against a specific version.

Managed Feature Updates

Small integrations are inherently simpler than big ones. This is why PureCM Professional automatically updates features with any changes from their parent version as a default. In case there's an update conflict, the feature owner is automatically notified via his user dashboard so he can go ahead and resolve the conflict using PureCM's visual resolve tool.

Facilitated Review and Integration

As with tasks, status updates for features are in real-time. So work on a feature can complete it directly, or because the last task it contains has been completed. As the feature is ready to be integrated back into the version, the feature owner receives a notification to do so. Just define a different task and feature owner and you get a powerful and automated code review stage.

Meaningful Project History

When working with features and tasks, you want to see the highest level of completed work items in the project history. It shows you exactly what has gone into a release. From there, you can drill down to get the details, such as the tasks included in a feature or the files changed to resolve a task. So even if you have submitted multiple changes against a feature to complete it, it only shows up once in the project history.

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