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Download PureCM

Full Product Installers | Free Trial

  • To run or evaluate PureCM, you need to install both the client and the server components
  • The server installer includes a free 5-user trial license for 30 days to get you started straight away
  • The installers for the PureCM Standard and Professional editions are the same

Please contact PureCM sales if you would like to get a larger evaluation key.

Find out more about additional plugins for PureCM Download the pureCM 2009-3 beta

System Requirements

  • 133MHz or above Pentium-compatible CPU
  • 10MB of RAM per user plus the recommended memory for OS
  • Free Disk space for double the size of the source code. So if you intend on storing 1 GB of source code, at most you will need 2GB free on the server.

2016-1 Release Notes

View standard edition release notes
View professional edition release notes

Free PureCM Trial:

  • Download and install any client and server combination
  • Start in minutes using the included test data
  • Includes a free 5-user trial license for 30 days
  • Get free technical support during your trial period