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Download the PureCM Ubuntu 14.04 Linux Client 64-Bit

08/12/2015 12:00
20.03 MB
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Ubuntu Client (i386)

PureCM DEB Client Installer

The installer contains Graphical/GUI and Command Line clients that allow you to access a PureCM Server. Note that if you don't already have a PureCM Server in your organisation you will also need to download the Server Installer.

By default the package is installed to '/opt/purecm'. Symbolic links will be created in /usr/bin for 'pcm' (the command line client) and 'purecm-gui' (the GUI/graphical client). The graphical client currently requires the GTK2 libraries. After installation, the graphical client should be available from the 'Programming Tools' menu in your desktop menu.

DEB Files

Installers for this platform are packaged using the Debian .deb package format. To install such a package you can either double-click on the file after download (which should invoke your system's installer GUI) or otherwise by entering the following in a command prompt (whilst running as 'root')

$dpkg -i <name of .deb>

Additional Plugins for this platform

Also available for Ubuntu 14.04 Linux

Archived version

System Requirements

  • 133MHz or above Pentium-compatible CPU
  • 10MB of RAM per user plus the recommended memory for OS
  • Free Disk space for double the size of the source code. So if you intend on storing 1 GB of source code, at most you will need 2GB free on the server.

PureCM User Guides

Installation Guide
Click here to download
PureCM and Scrum Step-by-Step Guide
Click here to download

2015-2 Release Notes

View standard edition release notes
View professional edition release notes
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