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30/03/2012 12:00
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2009/1e ftp deployment server plugin Installer

FTP Deloyment Service

Allows you to deploy files within PureCM using ftp or sftp.

Whenever a submit a made to the PureCM server the FTP Deployment Service will upload the modified files to a specified ftp site.

The ftp plugin is installed when you install the PureCM server. Please read the Knowledge Base for more details and setup instructions.

You can download this installer if you want the ftp plugin to run on a different machine to the one running the PureCM server.

System Requirements

  • 133MHz or above Pentium-compatible CPU
  • 10MB of RAM per user plus the recommended memory for OS
  • Free Disk space for double the size of the source code. So if you intend on storing 1 GB of source code, at most you will need 2GB free on the server.
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