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Distributed Development

PureCM supports your needs, whether you have developers in multiple locations or external partners that collaborate on projects.

Centralised Repository for a Single View

With all your data in one place, every developer can work on the same project data. You'll be able to see all the project components and get a complete audit trail on who did what, when and why. Having a single server also removes the infrastructure redundancy that increases costs and complicates administration.

Full Support for Remote and Offline Development

Whether they're in the same network or connecting on a WAN, PureCM clients can access the server through TCP/IP out-of-the-box. And there's minimal network traffic because only deltas are transmitted in a highly efficient, compressed way. PureCM clients store their developer workspaces locally, so PureCM is highly scalable with little effect on server performance.

Assured Security and Data Transfer

Your security is assured with authentication needed to get access to the PureCM server. Data transfer outside your local network is also protected with SSL/TLS authentication and encryption or VPN connections. You'll get peace of mind, whether or not you use a proxy and wherever the client is located. Once connected, you can define fine grained access rights for users or groups down to individual file level.

Caching Servers for Distributed Teams

For decentralised teams, you can further increase data access performance by installing PureCM proxy servers to cache server data locally. This server automatically builds up a project cache based on user behaviour, speeding up data access by more than 18 times*. As client updates are directly applied to the central repository, developers still get a real-time view of the project, e.g. who is working on which files or what changes they've submitted.

No Setup on Client Side

Developers will notice no difference between being connected directly to the server or through the PureCM proxy. PureCM clients are ready for distributed development straight away, and proxy redirection is also managed centrally. But there's one big change your developers will notice after deploying a proxy: dynamic performance.

*Internal test downloading 1.3GB of data via Proxy server and directly from a remote PureCM server.

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